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Mistakes to Avoid When Grilling Burger

1. Over-seasoning the meat

While you are free to season and customize your ground meat with whatever spices you prefer, it is important to keep in mind that you’re cooking a burger and not a meatloaf. Classic burgers can taste great with salt and pepper alone – so skip the taco seasoning, the bread crumbs, sautéed onions and other unnecessary additions. Don’t use too much or too little of salt and pepper, though, and don’t forget to season the other side before flipping the patty.

2. Using too much condiments

The same goes when accessorizing your burger once it’s cooked. Using just 2 condiments and 3 toppings is ideal. For example, ketchup and melted cheese plus a slice of onion, a slice of tomato and a lettuce leaf should be enough. While the condiments, the toppings and the bun are important as well, the main part of the dish is the meat so it shouldn’t be overwhelmed.

3. Using the wrong type of meat

Contrary to popular belief, the most expensive meats does not necessarily make the best burgers. According to experts, using meat with a 15 to 20 fat percentage will make the juiciest patties. It is ideal to go for meats like ground chuck which has the right amount of fat and to steer clear of sirloin as it easily dries out when cooked on the grill.